Selecting Your Wedding Day Colors For Your Reception

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March 2, 2023 by Michelle


One of the things that can get overlooked when planning a wedding is the lighting and how it affects the atmosphere and the mood throughout the day's festivities.

In this video, I give you few ideas on great lighting color combinations that work well with particular activities such as your wedding dance or the reception, so that you can choose what works best with your wedding colors.


About Me - Michelle Mays

I am a certified Wedding Planner from Penn Foster and also hold a degree in Wedding Institute – Accredited Special Events Designer Master’s Program from the Institute Wedding & Design. I am also a Certified Destination Wedding Coordinator from the Wedding Planner Institute of Canada. So if you need a wedding planner, you know where to go!


Learn What You Need to Think About When Choosing Your Colors...

  • [00:00] Introduction
  • [00:44] Why Lighting is so Important
  • [01:14] How to Match with Your Wedding Color Scheme
  • [01:52] Part 1: Your Entrance at the Reception
  • [02:08] Part 2: The First Dance
  • [02:30] Part 3: The Dinner
  • [02:48] Part 4: The Party



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