Serving our Bride and her Groom to create an enjoyable, fun and stress-free journey to living their wedding day vision.

Understanding and Gathering the details of your dream wedding.


This stage is where you unload and I listen and take notes of you dream wedding.  We will also answer all your questions whether it's for venue options, flowers choices, or guest lists.   The goal is to eliminate your burden and get excited for the journey.


Your wedding day is the catalyst for your marriage.


Having a positive wedding planning experience is essential, you do not want to start your marriage with the weight of unmet or unrealistic expectations.

Michelle is an amazing event planner! … She came on board about three weeks to our wedding day, we had a short amount of time to plan and she made it work. My husband and I are extremely grateful to her willingness to go over and beyond!"

~ Mrs. Figueroa

Envisioning and Executing to create the most unforgettable memories with you


This stage is to pencil out the details from the previous stage. You will start to see things come together with the details of your chosen style.  Love is in the air :)

Thank you so much for all the work and coordination you did along with the wedding ministry to make our wedding ceremony beautiful and run smoothly!"

~ Mr. & Mrs. Paxton

Envisioning and Executing to create the most unforgettable memories with you


Dream does come true! This stage is where I oversee all areas of your wedding day to create that precious and memorable experience for you and your guests.

“A wedding planner in invaluable when doing a designation wedding.
Just make sure it is a planner that knows the resources available at your chosen location.
Also make sure to know if there any local customs that migh affect your wedding day.
And Michelle has done a great job for the above for our wedding."
~ Mr. + Mrs. A
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