RenayMeshell Events™ is a full-service planning & designing concierge for luxury wedding and special events based in New York, and available wherever our clients take us.


My passion for weddings reaches beyond the glamour and the initial excitement, giddy laughter.


Your wedding day is the catalyst for your marriage.


Having a positive wedding planning experience is essential, you do not want to start your marriage with the weight of unmet or unrealistic expectations.

Stressors build when we’re doing something new, and you want the best. I understand. I always want the best and desire excellence. As a certified wedding planner, to accomplish this, I center on my client’s desire and helping to manage expectations.


There are times when a change must be made because an item is unavailable, the reason out of our control. Providing the best alternatives is a core principle for my business.

I created a process that provides structure and guidance for wedding planning. Engage, Design, and Reveal, also known as EDR™. EDR identifies each stage in destination wedding planning.

“Engage” is the first stage in which you share your vision, and I’m focused on every word said and not said, collecting the details of your dream wedding.

“Design” is the next stage, where we are envisioning and executing. We review your vision and start meeting with vendors and suppliers to create your most unforgettable memories.


The final stage in the process is the “Reveal.” The Reveal is where I oversee all areas of your wedding day to create the wow experience for you and your guests.

My gift to help brides plan, organize ,and design their wedding is one that I embrace with joy. 


I am passionate about each wedding not because I should be but because I enjoy and respect the gift that God has entrusted me. 


Working with my brides and grooms on one of the most memorable days in their lives is an honor. 


An honor to be the guide while you prepare for your wedding and exchange your vows on your wedding day.

-Penn Foster – Certified Wedding Planner. 

-Institute Wedding & Design and  Wedding Institute – Accredited Special Events Designer Master’s Program.

-Wedding Planner Institute of Canada – Certified Destination Wedding Coordinator


Over 8 Years as Executive Assistant,
I’ve managed projects that required a high level of understanding in cultural sensitivity for the deliverables, and supervised departmental meetings and events, and exceeded stakeholders’ expectations.


Planning, design, and decor- are part of my DNA. The wedding and event industry allows me to merge my appreciation for fashion and decorating.


My inspiration comes from God’s creations: Landscapes, trees, flowers, the ocean, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and also architecture. 


New York’s architecture is vast, from English Tudors and French Provincial, Modern impressionist to the modern glass and steel, and always sparks creative inspiration.  

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