RenayMeshell Events‚ĄĘ is a full-service planning & design concierge for luxury weddings¬†and special events based in New York, and available wherever our clients take us.

Little did I know ~ wedding planning was always the destination.

Hi, my name is Michelle and wedding planning is my passion!  My journey began in the corporate meeting and event space.  Planning and executing large department events, high-level projects, and dinners helped me hone my skills for reaching excellence with precision while exceeding expectations.  These projects and events afforded me opportunities to grow my understanding of cultural sensitivity.  Continued growth in the corporate event space highlighted my passion for design and décor.  We all know there is limited scope for décor in the corporate space.

After planning weddings for family members and friends, a season with a church wedding group, and several nudges RenayMeshell Events, Inc. was established.  To enhance my clients’ wedding planning journey providing understanding and life balance I developed the EDR TM process.

My commitment to you ~ a stress-free journey to transform your vision from dream to reality!

When you're planning your wedding, stress is a factor.  But it does not have to rule or control.  


Planning a wedding is a new and exciting journey, with twists, that can be overwhelming; and when you desire excellence the overwhelm is heightened.


How do we limit, then eliminate the overwhelm and stress?  Focusing on your desires and needs, we will manage your expectations, prepare and execute while staying on track. 


Staying ahead of the stress allows for calm flexibility when unexpected changes arise.  Ensuring your vision remains intact. 

At the core of RenayMeshell Events is the EDR™Engage, Design, and Reveal, process.  I created this unique approach to identify each stage in wedding planning.  To help my clients visualize the stages of wedding planning and prepare for the steps ahead.   

“Engage” is the first stage in which you share your vision, and I’m collecting the details of your dream wedding; every word said and unsaid.  

“Design” in this, the second stage, we envision and execute.  We review your vision all the details from the Engage stage,  and start meeting with vendors and suppliers to create your most unforgettable memories.


The final stage in the process is the “Reveal", your day.  This is the day you created, the details are aligned to bring forth your vision.   I oversee every area of your wedding day to ensure the wow experience for you and your guests.  

I am honored to help brides and grooms plan, design and create their dream wedding.  It is a gift that I am humbled to embrace.    


The importance of creating a wedding that reflects your vision does not escape me and I am passionate about helping you.

Every wedding is unique and my commitment is to assist you in creating a special day that reflects your love story.  I am passionate about each wedding not because I should be but because I enjoy and respect the gift that God has entrusted me. 


Working with busy professional brides and grooms on one of the most memorable events in their lives is an honor.    It is an honor to be their guide while we prepare for the moment they exchange their vows and begin their journey as one.


- Certified Wedding Planner

- Accredited Special Events Designer Master’s Program

- Certified Destination Wedding Coordinator


Over 10 Years as Executive Assistant,
I’ve managed high-level projects that required a keen understanding of cultural sensitivity and an unwavering commitment to excellence.   Delivering results that delighted everyone and exceeded stakeholder expectations.


Beyond my professional expertise lies a passion for planning, design, and decor.  The wedding and events industry allows me to merge my fashion background with the creativity of décor and create unforgettable experiences that are elegant and stylish.


My sources of inspiration are endless. I find beauty in God’s creations.  From stunning landscapes, and natural wonders to the intricate details found in architecture.  I am always seeking new ideas and concepts to apply to my client's wedding design and décor.     

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