Wedding planning can be a luxurious process.  Yes luxurious.  You can maintain the joy and exhilaration of the day you said yes.  I know, given everything you’ve read, or heard, about planning your beautiful day it may be hard to believe calm and joy is an alternative.

The key to having peace and bliss during your journey to your dream wedding is staying focused.  Sure sounds simple enough.  It is, with a few tips you will realize that the lack of stress can be normal in your wedding planning journey.

In this post I’ll share 2 tips that will take you from Oh no, now what? To… Oh that, no worries!  Trust me although these tips are simple if you make the conscious effort to incorporate or continue these tips, they will have you dancing through your journey.  Okay if dancing is too much then at least you’ll find a reason to smile no matter what comes.

Tip #1 – Stay calm

Emotions are heightened during this time as you prepare to start your new life together and before you say, react or do something that you would not normally calm down.  Think about it this way – when you have a project due in a week and the visual that will seal the deal is missing, do you kick and scream in front of the team or do you go home and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea?  Or are you the type that plays one of your favorite records and dance around?  Whatever you do to get past the frustration keep at it especially now.

Tip #2 – Lists

Knowing what needs to be done and by when is key to maintaining balance during your journey. If you use lists to manage your daily life then using them for your wedding planning is a win – win.

Listing items in order of negotiable versus non-negotiable – non-negotiable should always be at the top of your list and your budget breakout.  Your non-negotiable should be the items that you will not miss if they are not there.


Have I converted you?  Are you ready to tackle your wedding planning journey with a new outlook?

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