I started my company with the idea of simple elegance and romance.  At that time the focus was more floral with swirls and curls and lace.  It was nice, but something was missing.  Now there is nothing that says opulence cannot be elegant or glamorous, but simple is a word people seldom use when thinking about a wedding or any event for that matter.

I held fast to my desires and vision to this day.  I re-branded my company last year with simple elegance in mind.  With a modern twist.  Modern is clean lines and crisp.  Elegance is breathtaking and induces romance.  Then there’s glamour that is attractive, appealing and romantic. translates to clean lines and minimalism.

Watching Harry’s [Henry] and Meghan’s wedding was like watching my vision come alive.  Yes!  RenayMeshell Events will relate to a bride’s and her groom’s vision.  The simple and attention-grabbing elegance of the greenery with pops of white that adorned the interior and exterior of the church.  It grabbed the guests and viewer’s attention because it was unexpected and the simplicity was breathtaking and warm.  Every element was the centerpiece, and nothing competed or overshadowed the other elements.


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