Groom-to-be are you ready to plan a surprise proposal?

It’s time for a little honesty, you may be in the early stages of planning the perfect proposal but she was planning months ago.  But you may already know this because she was giving hints, showing you the engagement ring styles she likes, or showing you her favorite venues.   She may be the reason you’re reading this post, she shared the link with you.


Nudges and hints can make it difficult to plan a surprise proposal, but all is not lost.  One important note: Do not make the planning long and don’t start acting strange.


Now let’s explore a few ways to avoid your love getting hints about what is in the works and avoid causing her undue stress.

1. Get her friends involved – these are your allies.  They will keep her occupied and limit her sneaking around for clues.

2. Don’t post anything anywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, these are your enemies.  Yes, enemies.

3. Pay attention to everything – if you have dated more than 8 months you have no doubt noticed what she likes and what she dislikes.  Her favorite restaurants, the times of day when she’s the happiest or most relaxed, her favorite place to hang-out in town or in the city, the places she likes to vacation and her favorite colors.


This post is just a peek into what you can do to make sure your proposal is a true surprise.  Contact me today to learn more and start planning!


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