Bride, Groom and their Planner

Welcome back!  This is the final installment of the blog series, the bride, groom and their planner.  I’m happy you decided to follow through!   Communication whether email, phone calls or text messaging, is necessary for ensuring information is shared correctly. Each has a place in your wedding planning journey.

Emails are ideal for consolidated, detailed daily or weekly updates or corrections.

Text messaging is quick updates, appointment reminders, and notification of changes for something in progress. Your planner is in the middle of a meeting with a potential supplier and you remember a detail they need for the meeting.

Phone calls are good for a weekly or bi-weekly touch base. Sometimes it is just nice to hear a voice.

Face-to-face is ideal.  It gives you the opportunity to share visual updates and receive/give immediate feedback. The development of video communication is a great time saver. When timing does not permit travel schedule a video call using one of the popular systems such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.

Review communication methods with your planner and create a plan that gives you the best synergy

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