Bride, Groom and their Planner

We do it all the time. What route to take for our vacation. What goals to accomplish for the month. What to cook for dinner or eat for lunch this week. Planning is a part of our lives and we usually take the task head on. That is until its time to plan your wedding.

Wedding planning brings out the best and sometimes the strenuous. Especially when we add the wedding journey to our daily activities. You see the option of hiring a wedding planning but are hesitant because you can do it yourself so why add another item to your budget.

Your wedding planner is more than an accessory. This is the person you trust to be your eyes and ears, to be your support, your sounding board, resource, and your stylist. This doesn’t mean you give them everything, turn away, and come back wedding day expecting your vision to be what you pictured in your mind. As your right hand, your planner needs to know your vision, understand your vision and share your vision.

This 4-week blog series will highlight 4 key areas -Transparency, Vision Synergy, Budget Sharing and Communication – that make the union between the Bride, Groom and their planner positive and enjoyable. Let’s begin…

Transparency reduces back and forth that will lead to frustrations.

Your wedding planner needs to know your vision, understand your vision and share your vision.  This is only possible with transparency.  Armed with the information and details your share, your planner is able to move forward and communicate updates.  This should not result in your planner coming to you with every detail but they should provide you with updates, necessary changes and anything that could alter your vision.

Remember your planner is there to assist you…

Our next topic – Vision Synergy.  Come back soon!

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