Floral and Blooms

Making impact offers the opportunity highlight sustainability. Yes, sustainability and weddings.

Sustainability has become more popular and main stream – from bamboo utensils and food containers to weddings. [Meghan Markle now] Duchess and Duke of Sussex and Princess Eugenie of York each gave strong nods to sustainability in their weddings.

Large blooms give you wow with less flowers. Some flowers with large blooms are the peonies [round, flowing, soft petals], dahlia [structured, geometric, linear petals] and hydrangeas [soft, compact, delicate petals]. Each of these flowers gives you an abundance of color options and varieties that provide endless arrangement options from your bouquets to church and table decor.

Sustainable weddings

Another way to highlight your floral choice is to create a garland or green wall with strategically placed blooms of dahlia or hydrangea. Think back to the Duchess and Duke of Sussex wedding, the garland that framed the entry to the church.

Impact with minimal strategically placed floral [or blooms].

Tip: give your flowers [and greenery] a second life. Source a supplier that repurposes floral. This service redesigns and donate the arrangements to an organization offering the recipient and unexpected surprise.

What ideas do you have to highlight sustainability in your wedding?  I would love to hear.

[Photo: Martha Stewart Weddings/Adornments Flowers & Finery]


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