Bride, Groom and their Planner

Welcome back! Thank you for continuing to read this series. My heart and purpose for this blog series is to provide you with a better understanding of the synergy that must exist between the bride, groom, and their planner.

Sharing your budget may cause you to step back and that’s understandable. What makes this ‘sensitive’ topic necessary is the fit and time.  When you hold back your budget and do not give your planner specific parameters time is wasted.  Your planner is unable to find the right vendor or supplier – the right fit.


Scenario: You know what you want to spend for your floral arrangements but you tell your planner that you want the best for less. Your planner goes into their resource pool seeking the ‘best for less’. They come back with the best quote for the best quality. When you see the quote you say it is too high.


This is another reason for transparency. Keeping your budget to yourself results in your planner spinning their wheels and creates a back and forth flow that you hired your planner to reduce.  Sharing your budget also helps to bring your wedding vision to life.


The next and final post in this blog series is about Communication.  Communication style and expectation is essential to the success of the relationship between the bride, groom and their planner.


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