Bride, Groom and their Planner

Hi, welcome back to the blog series the Bride, Groom, and their planner. This week we’re going to look at bringing your wedding vision to life.


Synergy restults when you and your wedding planner see the same vision


You’ve spent a lot of time creating your wedding day vision.  You shared what you like with your groom, pulled photos from magazines and internet sites of different ceremonies and receptions, flowers, decor, colors and maybe you’re practicing your photo poses.


During a phone call, you shared your vision.  Now you’re at the meeting and your planner shares a vision board but something is missing. The color did not translate. You shared burnt orange during the call but your planner’s board has the color rust.  Sharing the photos you pulled and internet sites you visited will give your planner clear direction.  Pulling together the elements that will bring your wedding vision to life and sourcing ideal suppliers and vendors.


Share your vision book or Pinterest board with your planner as soon as you sign the contract.  This is a time-saving strategy that will reduce repetitive communication on one topic.

Transparency and Vision Synergy are two core elements of a successful planning relationship.


Our next topic may be sensitive for some but vital in wedding planning: Budget Sharing.


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