Styling your wedding is about your vision, how you always imagined – from the venue to the tables.  In this blog post series, you’ll see the elements that bring your wedding vision to life – the colors, textures, lights, surroundings, and food.

Color is personal, yes personal.

You like the color red on your best friend but it just doesn’t look as good on you.  It’s personal.  Color is also psychological.  Red appears to increase appetite…hmm, a consideration when creating your menu [more on this in a future post].

A few places to look when selecting the colors for your wedding


  • What colors do you and your husband-to-be like?
  • What colors dominate your home decor?
  • What is your theme?

What type of venue are you using for your ceremony and reception – rustic, you may lean to colors found in nature; seaside, greens and blues may dominate?

Still confused?


It may be easy for you to decide what colors to use for your wedding palette but if you’re at a fork in the road, look around your home.  You will find a color theme that will help you select the color the foundation color.


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