February 25, 2023 by Michelle

Great Finds, is a monthly blog series with offerings that will help you join your wedding planning journey and daily life.  Each blog will be divided into 2 or 3 sections: Something for You, Something for Your Guests, and Something for You and Your guests.

In this first blog, l share a sustainability option for your wedding invitation suite in Something for You and Your Guests.  You will learn how about an option allowing you to wear your ring during your daily activities, gym sessions, and more, in Something for You.  


Something for You and Your Guests

There are many ways to consider the environment in your wedding planning.  So you do not have to compromise too much on your passion for sustainability.   One of the easiest areas to focus your search for sustainable options is your wedding invitation and stationery.  From save the dates to table numbers and seating cards, the paper used makes a difference in the environmental impact and possible post-use.

There are many options for beautiful sustainable stationery…the one I like that offers extensive options is minted.  This is an example of the beauty you will find on the site.

Recycled paper never looked so good, especially with foil.

The invitation selection and creation process involves many steps and design details.  The components and design details impact the delivery timeline and determine how soon you need to place your order.  I interviewed a stationery designer to share behind-the-scenes information about the process and help you manage your selection.  Click here to watch the three-part video series.  


Something for You

You have a healthy routine that involves quiet time and working out — weightlifting, barre class, cycling, or running on the treadmill.  You want to wear your engagement ring but don't know how to protect it so you leave it at home.  What if you did not have to leave your ring at home?  If there is a way for you to proudly wear your ring?   

During a recent pilates session, I noticed my instructor's ring and a grey 'band'.  Not a wedding band.  I asked and I knew every bride needed to know about this great find -  mybuffr.

Mybuffr bands are discrete and sturdy, offering the protection you need so you never have to remove your ring for another workout or when you're doing any activity where your ring will have consistent contact with objects examples are vacuuming, gardening, or ironing.  Thank you, Rachel : )

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